In response to your needs, we are introducing plastic kegs - petainers - to our range.   This is a new solution on the market that will be ideal for the sale of beer and beverages in smaller volumes. Keg PET is a new generation of disposable liquid food filling container with aluminum + PET as the core material. Being different from the traditional steel keg, Keg PET has the characteristics of long shelf life, no loss, no need to return the keg, no need of carbon dioxide cylinder, light weight, low freight, no need to manage the storage and sales of the kegs and so on. It can be ordered according to the demand and capacity ,no need to worry about the kegs being insufficient in peak season and inventory being too much in off-season; it breaks through the limits of region, channel and terminal use environment, covering both online and offline channels. It is a revolutionary product in the keg beer field that it makes it possible for a production base to market nationwide and no keg beer being hard to sell. View the catalogue and discover our KEG - Petainers and PET accessories!

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