Keg marking

Keg marking - Express your brand at the highest level!

Keg marking is a key process that enables companies to stand out and promote their brand. As a company specialising in the sale, service, rental and marking of kegs, Keg-Trade offers a variety of marking methods that will attract customer attention and highlight the uniqueness of your brand.


Types of keg marking:

  1. Electrochemical marking: Our advanced technologies enable the marking of metal surfaces using electric current and mild electrolytic fluids. This striking process produces permanent dark marks that catch the eye. By skilfully switching between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), and using appropriate marking templates, we can ensure excellent marking quality.
  1. Screen printing: The screen printing technique is a guarantee of full reproduction of the source file on the kegs. With precision dies and specialised inks, we place your logo or chosen design on the kegs. This unique process produces clear and long-lasting prints that attract attention and make your brand stand out.
  1. Logo labels: We also offer monomeric film stickers – glossy or matt – which we can tailor to your requirements. Our high-quality logo labels are ideal for marking kegs quickly and efficiently. They will make your brand recognisable and professional.

Don’t delay! Use our professional keg marking and express your brand at the highest level. Contact us today to find out more and use our keg marking services.

Electrochemical markingElectrochemical marking
Logo labels PU kegLogo labels PU keg
Logo labelsLogo labels
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