Keg capsules is commercial machine, It is a draft beer dispensing machine devel-oped for commercial and provides personalized draft beer retail solutions for bars and restaurants, More capacity and beer, Intelligent temperature control and con-stant pressure guarantee fresh, to meet the customer’s picky taste buds, help you to take advantage of business potential.

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  • TIMELY START EFCIENT REFRIGERATION After the put the Keg PETinto the cabin, the compressor will launch immediately and cools the keg to 38 F° in real short time by refrigerating.
  • BEST TASTE After the keg put in place, the compressor starts immediately and cools the keg rapidly in a short time by refrigerating the aluminum package. Reach optimal drinking temperature quickly.
  • REMOVE SAFETY The connection between the hatch cover and the cabin body is equipped with a pressure relief micro switch. open the cover pressure will automatically relief from the keg,ensuring the safety of remove step during the replacement.
  • CONSTANT PRESSURE PRESERVATION Low noise and vibration from the electric air pump. Constant ressure control to guarantee a fresh crisp taste each time.
  • THREE SCREEN DISPLAY The front of the cabin is equipped with three screens, which correspond to the temperature, pressure and capacity of the Keg PET in the cabin respectively, glance and convenient for the operator to control the operation condition of the machine.
  • CLEAN AND SANITARY Disposable tube NSF certifed Clean and sanitary

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Part No. 1081052
Voltage 220~240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 120W
Electric Current 0.55A
Compressor 1/15HP
Refrigerants R600a/30g
Thermostat Digital
Surface Color White
Cooling System Dry Cooling
Outlet Temperature 3~7℃
Net Weight 14.50kg
Dimensions 31.2cm L x 43.5cm
W x 58.8cm H


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