Stout beer tap silver

Talos stout faucet adopts a robust beer faucet design, which applied to kinds of nitrogen beer and stout beer.The faucet has a smaller nozzle, which is conducive to slowing down the pouring speed of beer and making the liquor more smooth; The main body is made of forged brass, which is firm and durable, allowing your beer to maintain its original flavor for long time; The joint is suitable for most standard column towers.

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  • Durable, the body of Talos pipe faucet is forged with brass and equipped with food grade rubber seal, which is strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Special nozzle, specially designed for dark beer, with longer and thinner openings, helps to slow down the pouring speed, giving your beer a very smooth, rich body and creamy top foam
  • Compatibility, regular G 5/8 “thread, equipped with adapter, suitable for standard column tower


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