PiDan is a smart machine consumers do not have to go to the bars, and enjoy kinds of beer at home, changing the drink- ing experience with the power of technology.

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  • REFRESHING TASTE Unlike common semiconductor refrigeration in the market, PiDan uses a just-in-time compressor to best match the self-developed smart sticker cooling technology. In a short period of time, reach optimal drinking temperature quickly, reaching the best drinking temperature of draft beer.
  • CLEAN AND SANITARY Disposable tube NSF certifed Clean and sanitary.
  • CONSTANT PRESSURE PRESERVATION Adopts low noise, low vibration micro electric air pump, under constant pressure control to keep the beer freshness for Long time, intermittent tapping, the frst cup of beer as usual, guarantee the original taste.

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Product Name 1080341
Voltage 220~240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 120W
Electric Current 0.55A
Compressor 1/15HP
Refrigerants R600a/25g
Thermostat Digital
Surface Color White
Cooling System Dry Cooling
Outlet Temperature 3~7℃
Net Weight 12.50kg
Dimensions 49.5cm L x 31cm W x 48cm H


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